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About Us

The pakara production unit started to work with the milk production license of 7,500 tons in order to improve the food basket of the people of Kurdistan province by the name of Sanandaj Pasteurized Milk and Dairy Company in 1988.

During several years of activity and offering diverse products and improving the food basket, Azian Provincial has changed in the year 1381, the name of the company is to pasteurized Pakara dairy products in Sanandaj, and now it has an annual production capacity of 12,000 tons.

Pakara Production Unit is one of the main sub-categories of Pak Dairy in Tehran. By improving the level of quality and knowledge and equipment, we succeed in obtaining a license for the production of branded products for delivery in all of our beloved Iran's provinces, and have their own basket of products in The neighboring provinces of Hamedan and Kermanshah and Ilam are fully equipped.
The manufacturing unit has been working on improving ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 22000 during these years.




He has also been proud to receive the most trusted award from the health sector of the country (Apples Health Award) in the field of health-related projects with the production of probiotic-rich dairy products from Dr. Hashimi's Minister of Health.





In the year 1395, the Standard Provincial Organization has been selected to receive a production unit bill for standardization, quality production, confidence and trust for consumers.



In 1395, the Organization for Industry and Mines and Trade received the status of a unitary industrial complex of the province and received a statue and grateful gratitude.


At present, one of the country's most knowledgeable manufacturing companies is in the field of dairy products based on technical knowledge.

In the field of employment, it also attracts over 150 direct and indigenous workers in its golden portfolio. And in this area is also one of the best active companies. .